Changa: Chet, Food and Music Festival 2075

Kirtipur Music Association presents “Changa: Chet, Food and Music Festival” on 13th of October,  2018 Saturday at Chovar Height, Kritipur on the auspicious occasion of Dashain. The event will start from 11 am onwards. The main motive of the event is to preserve the cultures, traditions and to promote the tourism industry in Nepal. Dashain, one of the most important festival for Hindu  Religion is celebrated all over Nepal delightfully on the occasion of victory over evil. The different renowned bands : Kutumba Band, The Morass Band, Mukti & Revival and Ja: Band will be performing in this event. The event is supported by Shree Adhinath Samudaik Ban Upavokta Samuha, Kritipur Chovar. The main attraction of the event will be Kite Flying, Food, Music, open discussion related to elevation of music and musicians and many more. People can enjoy Special Newari Cuisine as well.

Music association’s President Mr. Rakesh Maharajan believes that it helps to bring more tourists by making public familiar with the historical (religious) places like Jalabinayak Temple, Adhinath Temple, Bhagbhairav Temple, Manju Shree Park, and Cave.


Basically, Kites send a message to Indra, the gods of rain as the rice fields do not need more water. Kite flying brings prosperity to the family. Legends say that flying kites brings good fortune to the family. When you fly kites, you are contacting and honoring your ancestors. When you fly kites, your ancestors in heaven see the colorful objects and feel that you are remembering them. Kites guide recently released souls to heaven. It is believed that the souls of people and animals that die on earth find a way towards heaven when you fly kites.

Hundreds of kites glide elegantly and fight a fierce battle to be the last remaining kite in the sky. Many people will participate in this event from various parts of the valley such as Lalitpur, Kirtipur, Khokana, Taudha, Panga, Pharping, Machhegaun, Bhaisipati and so on.