From Farms To The Doorsteps – Metrotarkari”, Nepal’s first online grocery company has become boon for many of us who struggle everyday to buy fresh vegetables at a reasonable price. Formed in 2012, the company has been able win the trust of its customers by delivering the best quality vegetable and other grocery items at customers’ doorstep at free of cost using online presence.

Anil Basnet, who is the Founder and CEO of the company, claims that only the best out of fresh item are delivered to the customer. Basnet himself gets into the field ( Kalimati Vegetable Market) for the quality check.
Formed with only 2 employees at the outset, Metrotarkari has now been providing jobs to 21 employees as a full timer and 10+ employees on the need basis.

Here What Mr.Anil Basnet, the Founder and CEO of has shared with us

1. How did the idea of Metrotarkari come to your mind?
Basic idea was clicked by my mum’s phone call. I used to work until late hours at my office. During that time and I used to get calls from my mum regarding to bring vegetables and other stuffs for mum’s kitchen during my return to home. At that time I saw the problem of mine own and thought many other busy people are going through the same problem. So I thought of solving this problem by providing delivery service of groceries at doorstep using emerging technology i.e. e-commerce. This is how I plugged in my idea to business venture.

2. What was your mission at the initial stage?
Our vision was to start something worthy for both common people as well as business profit. Metrotarkari’s basic mission and vision was to grow the vegetable market in one hand and simplify the life of people by providing products at home without extra cost in other hand. And principally the foremost mission was to avoid the gap between the people and the products they need by and large i.e. vegetable and groceries. We first of all were establishing a startup that was shifting the process of shopping directly into online shopping. For this our goal was to simplify the process and make it highly usable for consumers. We on the other hand had a challenge to establish a startup venture into a profitable business by consistently growing.

3.How far are you in completing your mission?
We have driven our mission some long way of what we had targeted. We have now started selling some fresh vegetables directly from farm and added more product range. But still there is a long way to move ahead more.

4.What are the benefits that people can enjoy using
Price, Quality, and Time is added value we are giving to your customers. Metrotarkari consists of 3 USPs (Unique Selling Proposition) – Unique, uncomplicated, Practical. It is an extension of regular vegetable market place but in a unique and simplified way. The market is online and in front of the people’s computer with easiest possible interface which makes it uncomplicated. And most importantly, the concept is practical as it addresses one of the most required aspect i.e. requirement of vegetable in daily basis. When three things – uniqueness, simplicity and realistic nature integrates, Metrotarkari comes ahead.

5. What have been some of your failures, what have you learned from them?
Failures are the lesson learning in my life to sharpness my ventures. I have faced some failures in my life in terms of business and personal life. I started an IT Company in my early stage of life on age of 21. It was my biggest mistake to start IT Company without having any business mind and network to sell my products to the clients. I had to close the company within 9 months of its operation, where I had to lose big investment at that time. Then I started to work on different IT Company as employee where I got more experiences of working habit and dealing with clients. And Later on 2010 I started Entertainment portal named as I couldn’t get success in terms of financial aspect but I earned a huge network and people to deal with. I had to close down that portal after running for 3 years ,where I was able to create a brand name of Metro. I would say those ventures were not failure. But those skills and experience were my Selling points to come up with my new venture branding my company as Metro Tarkari.

6. What motivates you to work harder?
Business is all about Power, Money, Brand and Growth of company. So to achieve all these things in my life motivates me to work harder. My dream of being a Global Business Person with net worth value of company pushes me more to achieve company’s growth factors.

7. Who inspires you the most?
Opportunity and Potential of business growth in my own country inspires me the most. And also top billionaires who are listed in Forbes magazine doing online trading and e-commerce business are my inspiration. They all took some time and years to have a mind set of shopping through online transaction. Overall Nepal will take some time to switch trading business to online trading after few years.

8 .How do you define the life of an entrepreneur?
I think life of an entrepreneur is like a pregnant women. Pain has to be carried for some time and after the birth of child every women feel like the creator of world and forget all the pain after seeing a child. Same goes for entrepreneurs. They have to carry all the problems and crisis to scale their venture and after the growth of company he or she feels proud to be a leader.

9.What are your future plans?
Landing my company as Public limited company and list it on IPO where public will make transactions of my company’s shares value with in a second of time frame.

10.What advice would you want to give to young people who aspire to become an entrepreneur?
Passion and Dream is most essential to start any startups, where idea needs to convert in business. The most important thing is team building and to trust on your idea and execution. Life is full of experiences and you will achieve lots of experiences in life. Don’t leave any stone unturned to achieve your big dream.

What are these for you?

1.Life: Branding

2.Work: Experience

3. Family: Support

4.Employee: Assets