Healthy Fats For Vegetarian

Healthy fats for Vegetarians

When people choose to be a vegetarian, most people ask them if they could get enough protein from veg-food and tell them to quit being a vegetarian especially when someone is not feeling well. Actually, vegetarian foods are more healthier than non-veg as it has been proved by life span of people. When you judge the people on the basis of what they eat, you will findĀ  vegetarian people tend to live longer than those who eat non-veg food.
In this article you will get to know what you should eat to gain more protein when you are vegetarians.
We cannot live without fats in our body but most of us go for unlimited fats consumption. It is very important to choose what you eat: over the choice between good over bad fats food.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is known for the excellent source of fats especially dark chocolate. Therefore, mountaineers carry chocolate in their bag almost all the time. It works as great fillings for them besides heavy foods. It is convenient for the travellers with its small size and its delicious taste. However, go for the chocolate that has seeds inside of it as seeds are also nutritious. For example like snickers….

2. Seeds and nuts
Seeds are perfect for vegetarian as it has high nutritious value. Generally, seed are very rich in fats which works totally amazing for your body. The best are sunflower seeds,……… You can also add them to your food. Have you ever wonder where did that fat come from salads, cuisine and sandwiches? The use seeds to mix with that dish and it provides the fats that is sufficiently needed for our body.
Therefore, go for seeds no matter how funny it seems. However, nuts are really filling that help you to gain weight. But don’t worry, it is not gonna make you fat. If you are a vegetarian, nuts is the favorite time to snack on as it has healthy source of fats.

3. Tofu
Tofu is made from soy milk and it is great source of fats for the vegetarians. Instead of going for cheese and eggs, tofu can be the best choice for you.

4. Coconut oil
One of the most healthy pick of fats is coconut oil. Researchers and many users have found that coconut oil stands among the best oil out of others. Do you use coconut oil in the food?
However, many of us use sunflower oil or seeds oil in our food. It is much healthier if you go for a coconut oil. It tastes amazing and it also help with your liver and bones as well.

5. Avocados

Do you like the taste of avocado? I mean the inside that taste like a butter. Some people don’t like avocado. If you are the one, then you are trying to avoid one of the best nutritious fruit. Avocado is considered as the queen of the fruit.As far as fats are conncerned, avocado is considered to be the best and healthy source of fats. It contains a lot of fat like a butter. You had better to eat it.

6. Olive oil
When you visit the restaurant of high quality, you will find olive oil added in the food. Even a single cup of olives contain lot of fats. Olives are healthy and it can help you to prevent cancer. But you must be careful from using it to excessive.

Salmon is good for you like avocados. It happens to be one of the most amazing healthy far sources. It is also delicious which can work as best conmpanion with morning breakfast, dinner and lunch. It is recommende that we should eat salmon at least twice a week.
You can add salmon with potatoes, cream cheese. If you are not sure for the cooking, search take a help from website.

Why eat meat when you can gain enough nutrition from non-veg food? What do you prefer?

Stay healthy!