How to become a good parent?

Parenting is not an easy job. It is the  most difficult thing a person has to experience. It is up to the parent whether the children will have good moral attitude or not. Home is said to be the first school of child and parent to be their first teacher.

What makes a good parent?
Parent have always tried to find the answer because a good parenting makes a good family.Everyone is not perfect. Neither child nor parent. Whereas it is the responsibility of a parent to lead their children in good manner.A good parent makes the decision that is in  best  interest of the child.

Here are 5 tips of how to learn being an effective parenting.
1. Be a model for them
You might have noticed that everything the parents do, the child starts to imitate them. We human also learn by imitating others. Therefore, don’t just tell your children what you want them to do. Instead, at first, show them by doing yourself. Such action make them easy to understand.
So respect your child and build the positive attitude towards them. Be a model to them. So your child will start following you. Most importantly, you have to be a good person.

2. Love them. But don’t pamper them
Loving your child is very important. Any child needs feeling of being loved. However, it is what they actually desire for. You can give them a hug or Just say them I love you. You can also spend some time with them. Be a good listener because it is the most important thing a child ever need.
But when these things get over with it, then you will have a spoiled child. when the children starts to realize that their parent care too much, they try to get back to them and starts doing what they are not told to.

3. Communication
Having a conversation with your child is very important. Talk to your child and also listen to them. By communicating well with the children build healthy relationship between each other. It will boost up the confidence as well. Parents should be able to monitor their children in friendly manner so that they will not be afraid to share things and communicate well.

4. Trust
The another thing that the parent must not forget is the trust. Being consistent with your child is important because it helps to build trust. Children are very innocent in nature. They plant their trust on the parents at the very first. Thus they must not be betrayed. If you are found to be lying, then it is pretty difficult to win back the trust.

5. Praise your children
Praising a child is an important trait good parent. Praising not only means rewarding for great things. Sometimes, a parent should be able to praise the children for the mistake they have done. It exhibits the positive feeling towards the children to move forward and accept the mistake.
Don’t just shout at them. If they have done something wrong or good, let them know you have noticed and teach them what could be done. Let them know you are very proud of them.

Becoming a parent is not a piece of cake. Good luck to all the parents.