How to stop using Facebook too much

Facebook is probably the most widely used social networking site.We spend almost half of our day using Facebook. Some people even go so far to ignore family and friends. Facebook has created a huge gap between parent and their children.
The first thing ,we do after we open our eyes in the morning, and the last thing, we do before sleeping ,is checking our Facebook account .People get addicted to Facebook and it is never a healthy tips. Therefore, we have provided you some tips that will help you to stop wasting time on Facebook.

1. Block your news feed
Deactivating the news feed is the best way to stay away from facebook too long. If you want to post in a quick updates or simply check the notifications, you can completely block the newsfeed. It keeps you away from sucking in through all the news. You can rather go for the “Newsfeed Eraddicator”, it gives you an inspiring quotes everytime on facebook.
Download this app and follow what its instruction

2. Block the games apps
Avoid games and third-party applications (apps). Playing games, decorating your profile picture two or three times a day, and rating your friends will suck up your time before you know it. By avoiding the use of games and other apps, you will use your Facebook time more effectively.

3. Turn off the chat
When you are about to log out the Facebook, and some your best pals send you the message, you will want to stay for a while and before you knew it, you spend another more hours. Therefore, Go Offline. To avoid using too much Facebook, turning off the chat is the best option you can apply.

4. Use a timer.
It is the best option to break the habit of using too much Facebook. When you are surfing Facebook, it is easy to lose the track of time. Help yourself keep time by setting a timer. You can also use your phone timer. Only thing you need to decide is how long you would like to spend on Facebook and then set a schedule, stick to it. And then log out swiftly.

5. Get yourself busy
When you wake up, the first thing you do is check the Facebook and the last thing you do at night. Nothing else thrills you without Facebook. All you want to do is spend time on Facebook excluding getting your work that needs to be done.
Either, get yourself busy doing something else with different activities. It helps you to avoid Facebook addiction. For example: do washing, clean the house or go somewhere else. It consumes less time for Facebook.

Facebook is termed as social site, where we can socialize virtually. But, the over use of virtual socializing site can ruinĀ  the real social life.