Magnanimous Mother – Anup Shrestha


Anup Shrestha is the photographer behind this beautiful picture. Anup is a social work student from Sundarijal. The serene beauty of Sundarijal has embraced the photographer since his childhood.The  passion for capturing the beauty of everything started growing since his childhood.  The photographer says,  “For me Camera acts as a therapist .” For more of Anup’s captures follow Anup Photography &  Anup Shrestha 


Picture Detail
This picture was captured at Burunchuli in the year 2016. Being a youth of Nepal ,Anup was aware of his responsibility of helping his nation in any way. So after the Nepal earthquake, Anup along with his friends volunteered at the organization called “VFC volunteer for change”. The volunteering lasted for a week ,where Anup and his friends helped the villagers to reconstruct their homes.

Concept Behind the Picture
The tender embrace of the mother’s love towards her child can be clearly felt in this picture. Moreover this capture represents the traditional Nepali way of carrying a child.  Mother has secured her child on her back with a shawl and yet she has her hands around the child for  protection. This is the omnipresent love of a mother. A mother makes sure to protect her blood in any way she can. Talking about his capture, Anup says, “I even remember thinking about my own mother while taking this picture. Oh how wonderful a mother is!”

Camera: Nikon D500

Lense: AF Zoom-NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4-5.6G

EXIF: ISO 320, F5, 1/1600s


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