Photography of the week-Kirtan Tamrakar

 About the photographer

The picture is shot by Mr. Kirtan Tamrakar, who is the owner and photographer at Sydney Based Photography Business, Nirvana Imagery. He shoots all genres such as weddings, events, family, studio portraits, newborn, maternity and commercial photography. He says “Photography to me is 99% preparation, 1% clicking the shutter button. When I hold the camera and peep through the viewfinder, I feel that it is and extension of me (part of my body) or dare I say my sixth sense organ.”

Picture Detail
This is a composite image. The subject was shot in a studio; however, the background was shot at Patan Museum during the photographer’s recent visit to Nepal.

The concept behind the picture
In this instance, the father had a deep passion for music. He had a plethora of musical instruments decorated around his house. The concept of having traditional musical instruments as elements in this image is to complement his passion with his first-born son as the main subject of the image. To accompany the image, the photographer thought what better background can be used other than the beautiful porches of Patan Museum where traditional orchestral concerts happen quite often.

Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: Canon 24-70 f2.8 II
Software: Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC 2018
Subject: ISO 800, 70mm, f/5.6, 1/160sec.
Background: ISO 500, 24mm, f/2.8, 1/320sec.

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