The best in the business : MUA Dinesh Rai

“Nothing can stop your destiny”, Dinesh Rai, the famous makeup artist is the perfect example of the statement. Born and raised in Dharan, Rai didn’t choose makeup artist as his career in the intial days. He wanted to become a Media Personality but ended up being a makeup artist. Rai, who started his career at a very young age of 19, was called to Kathmandu by his sisters Anu and Ananeke, who believed that he could become a great makeup artist. His sisters Anu and Ananeke were planning to open beauty salon, spa and makeup studio, where Rai was offered to become a makeup artist. He was given a basic knowledge of makeup at Kathmadu and had to travel all the way to India for his advanced course.

Dinesh Rai has given his final touch to models and actors in different movies, photo shoots, music videos and fashion shows. He has a contrast feeling about being a makeup artist. He finds his job to be challenging and fun at the same time as he has to meet the expectation of clients. Dinesh Rai is very passionate about doing makeup and loves his job a lot. Rai is currently busy in makeup studio “Ananeke Beauty Salon and Spa”

Here’s what Dinesh Rai has shared with us.

1. How did you choose your career as a makeup artist?
-Well, I didn’t choose to become a makeup artist. It happened. I actually wanted to become a Media personality but my sisters always believed that I could become a great makeup artist so I decided to try it and I came to love being makeup artist.

2. What do you love the most about doing makeup?
I love doing eye makeup because it is changing yet fun at the same time. Eye makeup differs according to my clients’ taste and style which is more fun to do

3. What is the one product that you can’t work without?
Every product plays an important role for a makeup artist. I can’t imagine doing makeup without matching skin.

4. What is the common beauty mistake people make?
The most common mistake that most people make has to be the unmatched makeup with their dress.

5. What are the challenges a makeup artist has to face?
Challenges takes place but in my case, I haven’t faced any till today . I have no idea as I do makeup according to the preference of my clients.

6. How do you keep yourself updated with the new makeup trends and makeup products?
YouTube is the most reliable platform for me to know about the new makeup trends and products. Sometimes Google helps a lot too. And also my sister who is in Canada keep me updated.

7. Who do you take as the major source of inspiration throughout your career?
I don’t have one specific person. Sisters like Anu Rai and Ananeke Rai, my brother Surween Rai ,my dear sister Malina Joshi(Miss Nepal 2011) and my best friend Nishan Bhandari are my biggest sources of inspiration who have always inspired and motivated me.

8. What are the important beauty tips you would want to give to women?
In spite of being a makeup artist I don’t want to suggest women to put makeup on daily basis. Sometimes it is important to do so but not always. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy food and put sun block cream with SPF whether you are at home or outside.

9. What suggestion would you give to people looking forward to becoming a Makeup Artist?
Being a makeup artist is not easy. It takes lot of hard work and dedication. It is your responsibility to make women feel even more beautiful than they are. So, work hard and dedicate your whole time doing makeup.

10. Any 5 models/actors you work best with and why?
Malina Joshi because of her personality and she is truly a beauty with brain

Swastima Khadka because she is beautiful and very talented

Mala Limbu because she is very beautiful and is a friendly personality

Saruk Tamrakar as he is good looking and has a good personality

Dhiraj Magar as he is Innocent and a loving person


What is:

Life : Happiness

Love : Sacrifice

Makeup : Confidence

Beauty : Vision


Picture Source: Dinesh Rai