The key to Unlock Happiness

The key to unlock happiness
We all want happiness. Finding true happiness is worthy goal. But the problem is people turn out to be approaching only to the material possession rather than the inner peace of real happiness. Ok, Material things are huge satisfaction for one’s human life but the selfish part of human ” Satisfaction” never limits off. If we own a car, we demand of owning the big mansion to live in and so forth, It never ends. But these things are always short-lived and no limitation.

A person never gets satisfied of what they own. If happiness is the outcome of true happiness, then there is no chance of enjoying the blissful moment ever in your life. Thus we must be happy in little things as well and learn to be satisfied. Because all you possessed, may not be there in somebody else’s place. Be grateful of what you have.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a poor and weak old grandma, she visited the big temple on the way to begging. She sighed with great grief, “What shall I offer to the god?” She thought a lamp can do. And reached to the shop and asked for a lamp. But the shop keeper said ” You can’t grandma. These lamp own the money and seems like you don’t have any.” But out of pettiness, he gave her one piece of lamp. “Thank you, boy. May god bless you!!” and she went towards the gate of temple. She saw the rich people lightning the thousands of lamp. She lit her lamp and prayed, “God. All I have is this single lamp. May this lamp bring happiness to all the sentient being. I pray to you god.” And she left from that village.
After a year, she died and met the god. “Poor lady, now, I shall return the kindness to you” the god said. You know what- An old grandma was gifted as the daughter of the rich family in her next life.


This story tells you that one should be happy and satisfied with what they have, regardless of what other possess. A grandma’s lamp can be much less in comparing to that of rich people but her satisfaction and intention gave her a big present in the next life.

Thus, Happiness is not there, it is in you. “Happiness doesn’t depend on who you are or how you look, it solely relies on what you think.”
Be kind. If you become kind to yourself, then you can be kind to others.