Traditional Nepali Food You Must Try

Traditional Nepali Food You Must Try

For generations, traditional dishes are highly enjoyed and have been cooked in many famous restaurant. Many visitors appreciate the healthy aspect traditional food as it is cooked organically from grown vegetable and fresh ingredients.
Nepali food has its own different textures and flavors to taste for. In most of the food, it has quite influence from the neighbouring country India which they commonly use spices. But don’t worry. You can add spice on your choice.

1. Thakali Khana
If you want to experience the variety of taste in one plate, then Thakali Khana is the best meal that you can prefer. The steamed rice with hot ghee poured on it, beautifully decorated vegetables and along with that you will get bowl of Dhaal, Gravy meat( both chicken or mutton) and Yogurt. Tomato pickle with Sichuan Pepper in it brings the local Nepali taste in the meal

2. Dhindo
Dhindo is actually a thick porridge made by boiling the buckwheat flour in hot water and stirring it until it gets thick enough. This food is very popular in rural area as it has the best source of energy and is a nutrient powerhouse.
With the dhindo, a little amount of soup is provided in the heart of this dish and is often eaten with the dab by taking bit of bit. It is the most missed traditional food of Nepal.

3 . The yogurt from Bhaktapur (Juju Dhau)

Bhaktapur is famous for its sweet yogurt. It is served in a little mud plate that gives you the mouth-watering with an extra ordinary taste. You will love to finish all of it at once. It has sweetened taste which is usually made from cow milk or buffalo. Without a bowl of yogurt of Bhaktapur, your visit to there will be incomplete.

4. Homemade Yogurt
One of the most dairy products is the yogurt that is made at home. It is called “ek raate dahi” which means yoghurt made overnight. It is not only delicious but fresh as well.
This delicious yogurt will be ready in 6-8 hours. Yogurt made this way is best products made home that will give you a true taste of traditional food of Nepal.

5. Sel Roti

While walking around the street of Kathmandu, there won’t be a place where you can’t find the sel roti. It is one of the most tasty Nepali dish. It is made from sweet rice bread and is uniquely fried with round shape.
It is prepared by grinding soaked rice to create a thick batter. It is then mixed with sugar, clarified butter, mashed banana, water, poured into bubbling oil and deep-fried. It is popular as a festive bread for many different occasions.

6. Potato Salad
The refreshing and tasty flavor that is made with dry-roasted-ground sesame seeds, and several fresh herbs and spices is must to try in Nepal. It is incredibly delicious which is served with rice flakes, sel roti and in any food, it has great taste.
This salad is called in Nepali as aloo ko acchar. It is even more tasty when served with channa ( Peas) which you can enjoy eating snack with family in picnic, gatherings and other functions.

7. Pharsi ko Munta
The delicious vegetable that is made from the shoots of pumpkin will keep you looking for more. The pumpkin shoots are the young, uppermost tender shoots, tendrils, leaves, and delicate stems. It has distinct light flavor that can be describe as a cross between squash and spinach. They should be cooked within a day of picking or they will lose their freshness and flavor.

8.Buckwheat Bread
It is the brown colored bread prepared from buckwheat flour. It is very easy to make. At first, the flour is made into a smooth batter and is griddle cooked on the pan until it is light brown. Then it is served with combinations of vegetables, yogurt and butter.


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